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The Elderine Stone

The Elderine Stone tells the tale of a normal boy who always dreamt of escaping reality, until one day he actually did!  Finding himself magically warped into the world of Hasparia, only to discover that he is the Chosen One, destined to destroy a dark evil in the land.  Joining up with his friends Emily and Sherbit, they travel together to unlock the truths, whilst at every turn dodge the scope of a mysterious force.  Who, as it seems will stop at nothing until their quest has failed!

Read the first chapter here, or buy the full ebook here from Amazon.

Captain Silverspoons

Captain Silverspoons

Captain Edward Silverspoons was a rather small and chubby pirate with rosy red cheeks, a scruffy black beard, and big blue eyes. He always wore a black and blue pirate outfit, and a large black pirate hat. Of course like most pirates, he had a wooden peg for a leg. So every now and then he would wobble and hobble as he walked. Captain Silverspoons had two silver teaspoons which he wore as earrings, and that is how he got his name.

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